About Us

“AttaBoy!” If you don’t know our jingle by heart, you certainly know the tune… Customers say to us constantly “I can’t get it out of my head!” We love that!

Well, we are AttaBoy. My name is Richard Behney and my wife, Laura and I founded AttaBoy Plumbing Company. We are husband and wife, parents to three great kids and we are your neighbors.

AttaBoy’s mission is simple and rooted in three guiding principles:

  1. Take care of customers the way we want to be taken care of
  2. Treat employees with dignity and respect
  3. Give back to our community

While we enjoy highlighting the lighter side of AttaBoy Plumbing in our commercials, we also take very seriously our dedication to providing outstanding service and value to our customers, our responsibility to provide a safe and fulfilling work experience for our employees and the mission to be recognized as a trustworthy business in the communities we serve. It’s more than just running a business to us, it’s our way of life.

What you can expect

“I just don’t know who to trust.”

We hear this all the time. You have a plumbing problem, you search online for a company to hire and you can easily be overwhelmed with the choices as there are literally dozens listed. Who do you chose? We understand. So to help “calm your fears” about hiring a service company, let me share with you what you can expect when you choose AttaBoy:

We know what it’s like to have a Service Technician in your home and we have taken great care to insure that all of our AttaBoy Plumbers and Service Technicians will be professional, friendly and respectful… AND provide the best value in town! That’s our guarantee to you!

Thank you for allowing our families to serve your family.

When leaks, drains & clogs annoy, call the plumbing pros of AttaBoy!

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